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Schapendoes dog

Skal legge til norsk videoer, etter hvert. (og, oversette eksisterende tekst)

Hei folkens! Jeg fant noen nyttige videos på YouTube som kan være nyttige i agility sammenheng. Blant annet dersom du ønsker å lage utstyr selv til å trene agility, hvordan trene agility din hund hjemme, og lignende «stoff».

Starter med denne:

How to Build Your Own Agility Equipment, Jumps and Weave Poles.

I have used 1 inch PVC pipe and 4 of the 1 inch T PVC connectors to build the jump standard. Cut 9 pieces of pipe, 4 of the 6 inch pieces, 4 of the 1 foot pieces (or if you want your jump higher make them longer), and 1 of the pieces make 2 feet long.
I use 1/2 inch 2 feet long cut Rebar to stick in the ground, to place the weave poles on and or the jump standard.
For the weave poles I have 3 foot 1/2 inch PVC pipes.
(In other countries we use; meter, centimeter, and millimeterI guess 50 mm. pipes will be a good choice, but 75 mm. can also be advisably)

Thank you to Aliesha Shepherd! 🙂 (I have subscribed to her YouTube-channel)

With the shortening of the days as we head into Fall, the only time I was able to train or shoot any video was if I went into work a little late… So the video is a little dark (I played with the brightness and contrast to try to punch it up a little). To make matters worse it seems like it has been raining here every day for a couple weeks so my backyard is pretty muddy. So while I’m not moving too quickly in the video hopefully you’ll get a couple ideas on how I chose to handle these sequences.
Please let me know if you gave these a try and how you handled it! Agility

Hjemmelagd Agility Bane

Roxy running her first course set up with a tunnel! She loves it! She even runs it without me asking her too!

Thank you to Aliesha Shepherd! 🙂